Sex and the city without…Samantha?

8 Indulgent but plausible plotlines

I have always enjoyed Sex and the City. If reruns were on, I would watch it enthusiastically with a glass of cheap wine, in a questionable t-shirt, whilst sporting a mud mask. Like the cliche I am.

However, I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s my favorite 90’s TV show.

But that's beside the point. It was a cultural icon.

Once upon a time, critics might have considered it shallow and vacuous, but that did not stop it from being one of the most culturally defining moments in television history.

What it lacked for in its myopic views (trust me, there were plenty), it compensated for in style, staunch friendships, female assertiveness, sex, questionable orgasms, love, and a dose of sass- a heady escapist combination.

At the time, quite gratifying on a dull Friday night.

Watching it now, through the lens of modern society, I can't help but wince and give several side-eyes to the plotlines, character representations (or lack thereof), and questionable cis-hetero language that should not have been given the green light.

Watching reruns I found myself asking, where were the beautiful, sexy, black successful women? where were the sexy intelligent Latina women, where were the fabulous and sophisticated Asian women for goodness sake? Where are the BIPOC representation, who were not fetishized, who were successful, and who also enjoyed sex? And why was the gay character treated as the therapist of the group? Why was he treated as a somewhat dismissive afterthought? Where is the range darling?

It's an uncomfortable feeling recognizing the glaring flaws in the show.

Nonetheless, at the time, none of it mattered. I wanted the lives they were living. I wanted the clothes, the apartment, the New York lifestyle, the expensive brunch. I didn't care much for the love part, to be honest, but that's by the way. Whatever Sex and the City were selling, I wanted it.

This was why I loved Samantha. No scratch that. This is why I love the character, Samantha. I saw myself in Samantha. Samantha in my opinion represented Sex and the City. If Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) are a fine glass of Prosecco, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is the shot of tequila or vodka to the tastebuds.

She is the surprising palate cleanser to the sometimes bland meal. She knew who she was, what she wanted, was arrogant, inspiring, fiercely loyal, and questionable all in one breath. I mean she had politically incorrect moments (see the episode where she dates a black man for the cringe-worthy moment). But still, she managed to endear herself to the audience because she was entertaining without being so tiresome.

This makes me wonder how the new reboot of Sex and the City would look like.

If you haven't heard the news, Sex and the City is being rebooted or revived. Whatever you want to call it. Samantha (Kim Catrall)will not be in it and I am freaking out.

I mean, taking a book from Carrie, I couldn't help but wonder, how would this work?

If you have been living under a rock (I won't blame you- it's real ghetto out here), Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker have a long-standing feud (2004-till date). In 2016 Kim Cattrall made it clear she is done with the franchise and would not be returning for a third movie. What caused this feud? Who’s to blame? There are speculations, but we will never fully know the truth.

This sucks especially given a show centered on female friendships. But I respect and acknowledge the feelings expressed by Kim Cattrall. She has played her part and is ready to move on. She has no obligation to do anything she does not want to.

So if the character Samantha is MIA, what would the premise of the show possibly be?

I pondered and came up with 8 indulgent, but plausible and incredulous plotlines.

Here they are

  1. Samantha is killed off (In which case, who are we fighting? Because I am ready)
  2. Carrie grows a backbone and divorces Big, much to no ones surprise (never really saw the Big deal, but what do I know)
  3. Miranda is with another child… and Steve is well, Steve
  4. Charlotte becomes 80% more interesting (my bad, I find her character a bit boring)
  5. Stanford reads everyone for filth because he can and he deserves to
  6. Quarantine zoom sex? I have no idea how this would play out but get into it. (Question; do we still know how to have sex? asking for myself)
  7. Brunch dates on Zoom
  8. The franchise dies for good (still hoping Fast and Furious gets a clue. No point beating a dead horse at this point. Same goes for you Resident Evil)

Clearly, I am not dealing with Samanthas absence very well. To me, Samantha represented the Sex to the City. So I am hard-pressed to ask, what is sex and the city without the Sex part?

Will I watch it? I guess. I mean 90’s nostalgia sake and because I will be consuming inordinate amounts of prosecco in my torn t-shirt, whilst sporting a mud mask.

God help us all.

Self- Development and Self Improvement Writer. Voracious Learner. Slight Coffee and K-Drama Addict. Music and Movie Lover

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